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How CCaas Will Save Your CX Post-Pandemic

In recent years, companies sought Unified Communications as a service to replace their legacy key phone system for better flexibility and reduced cost. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic,  is that the best and only way moving forward?

In a very short period of time, the pandemic has completely changed everything we always thought we knew about business and customer service. Companies were forced to adopt customer case in a virtual environment and face-to-face interaction are no longer a viable option.

Before the pandemic, Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) had only about a 20% penetration rate. Now with offices and traditional contact centres were forced to shut down and operate remotely from home, companies without adoption of cloud-based contact centre solution are unable to ensure ongoing business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Migrating from on-premise to cloud-based Solutions

CCaaS provides the flexibility to scale the number of customer service agents and update their services quickly and conveniently. The cloud is capable of scaling, and it’s easy to integrate additional features and services with little initial investment. Yet, despite the vast advantages CCaaS has to offer, many companies are still tied down with their legacy equipment.

Companies that are heavily invested in on-premise tools are hesitant to make the switch to cloud right away. Without access to their contact centre technology on the cloud, they face difficulty in continuously offering sales support and service with a closed office. Teams should be provided with the same operational functionality of contact centres wherever they are. The cloud empowers companies with the same exact tools they needed for business continuity regardless of the situation. 

It should be the company’s top priority if they do not wish to lag behind their competitors within the age of remote employees and digital transformation.

By 2022, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant tells us that CCaaS solutions are going to be the popular adoption model for around 50% of all contact centres. This means that within the space of over 2 years, the penetration of CCaaS will be doubled – thanks primarily to the impact of the pandemic.

When CCaaS began making its way into the communication and customer engagement environment, it had been a logical next step for companies already investing in UCaaS and similar technologies. If you have already got your internal communications strategy on the cloud, then it will definitely make sense for you to migrate your contact centre to cloud-based too.

Why more Companies are moving to Cloud

The greatest thing about CCaaS from an assessment of corporate response to COVID-19, is that it allows for ongoing business continuity. You’ll be able to run your contact centre anywhere with CCaaS and ensure remote employees can provide a consistent level of service.

However, CCaaS also has more than just protection. It may be the key growth and innovation in an age where consumers have become increasingly demanding. In times of crisis and uncertainty, like this, customers are trying to find brands they’ll trust.

The amazing experiences that your company offers now are going to be the factors that keep your clients loyal to your company – even when the economy suffers. CCaaS gives businesses the liberty to adapt their CX strategy to suit ever-changing customer expectations. With a cloud provider, you’ll implement everything from AI self-service to intelligent routing overnight.

CCaaS means business can tackle problems rapidly too. For example, if your helplines are jammed because no one can seek advice from an agent in-person, you’ll use your CCaaS system to open up new avenues for customer support, like live chat. This improves your business reputation by showing customers that you’re willing to serve them on the platforms they like.

Concurrently, because our CCaaS strategies are aligned on one cloud environment, you’ll be able to maintain valuable insights into customer needs and preferences. Your customer service agents can use their cloud interface to trace conversations from chat to calls and video, reducing the chance of misaligned and disjointed conversations.

CCaaS even gives companies the liberty to conveniently scaly their number of agents up or all the way down to suit changes in demand within the new digital environment. With a CCaaS environment where you’ll be able to track customer levels, you’ll assign customer service agents to different segments of your CX strategy in real-time.

In Conclusion

For years, companies have been experimenting with the concept of contact centres within the cloud. Similar to Unified Communications and other software solutions delivered as a service, CCaaS encompasses a lot of benefits. The proper solution can accelerate business growth while reducing overheads and necessary expenses. A great CCaaS provider will even be ready to assist companies in building a bespoke solution to fit their needs.

Cloud-based solutions today can easily integrate with other tools through SDKs and APIs. Companies could build the optimal contact centre and customer experience strategy by aligning everything from CRM solution, to contact centre and workforce management tools. One pane of glass environment would boost team efficiency while enabling better data collection for business intelligence.

As customers still constantly demand for more from companies in a very trying environment, CCaaS will give organisations the liberty they need to grow and adapt. CCaaS is that saviour of the next-gen contact centre, offering immediate access to flexible employees, and new methods of contacts. This is often the technology that ensures business continuity in a world of uncertainty and provides business leaders with the insights they require to make critical decisions.

Cloud and CCaas is the key to unlocking new opportunities and innovations as they emerge, from sentiment analysis to biometric-based fraud detection. With CCaaS, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the rapid momentum for innovation that the pandemic is creating. Don’t risk not having the flexibility to manoeuvre at competitive speed as your competitors, or your customers.

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