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Helping Singapore’s Leading Private Healthcare Group, Migrate and Upgrade their On-Premise Contact Centre to a Centralised Cloud Omni-channel Contact Centre System

Helping Singapore’s Leading Private Healthcare Group, Migrate and Upgrade their On-Premise Contact Centre to a Centralised Cloud Omni-channel Contact Centre System

The Client

In Singapore, they are the leading private healthcare group offering a wide range of healthcare services from primary to quaternary care as well as ancillary services and medical education.


The client has a number of hospitals, clinics, and specialist. They have a group of call centre agents that are responsible for answering a multitude of engagements types, documenting them into tickets and escalating them to the relevant business processes. To deliver the best-in-class customer experience, the client is set to undergo a digital transformation for their on-premise contact centre platform into cloud omnichannel. Below are among some of the problems they faced:

Challenge #1: Silo-Based System, Not Unified

No advanced capability in their silo-based system. They also risk of hardware support from phasing out. Hardware upgrades with new capabilities will have to consider the integration setup compatibility with other system vendors.

Challenge #2: On-Premise Setup, Not flexible

System setup is on-premise with complex integrations, this leaves a huge hardware footprint. Agents have to be physically on-site to handle calls, lacking the flexibility for remote work. 

Challenge #3: High Cost and Not Scalable

The high cost of maintenance of multiple vendors and systems across the different hospitals and business units. Costly to integrate between multiple systems with the limitation of hardware scalability.

Challenge #4: Not Future-proof

Constantly being held back by the limitations on features and stuck to back-dated technologies, dependent on system hardware.

Challenge #5: Manual Processes

Processes are scattered, not unified into one platform. Processes are still pen and paper, digitising it will shorten the precious time, which can potentially be life-saving.

The Solution

The Transformation from Traditional On-Premise Contact Center to a Cloud Omnichannel Contact Center.

During this project, we have helped the client eliminate multiple standalone silo systems such as the phone system, IVR and Voice Recording. All interactions from multiple channels are unified into a centralised queue system for the Call Center, We have also streamlined their processes for the entire end-to-end customer engagement journey from appointment booking, case escalation, SLA tracking, corporate services, executive health screening, doctor scheduling, lab and radiology report results, VIP services and including the ambulance tracking and management module. This is all achieved with the seamless integration of Nubitel CX Omnichannel Contact Center SolutionNubiDesk Case Management System, and NubiTrack Workforce Tracking Solution, all under the Nubitel Ecosystem.

Nubitel CX Omnichannel Contact Center Solution was deployed in a single setup to serve their multiple entities for customer inquiries from different interaction channels such as calls, email, chat, and social media. All interactions are put in a centralised queue and handled by the customer service team. Supervisors are able to monitor agent interactions, manage the Service Level Agreement (SLA) , and manage agent rostering. All interactions with customers are recorded and documented into a case and distributed accordingly across multiple departments, business units & hospitals based on the client’s interaction requirements. 

With each of the entity having its own processes, routing and reporting, the NubiDesk Case Management System (CMS) was bespoke to support their process to track, retrieve and update data. Below are among some of the modules we have built for them: 

  • Appointment Booking
    Customers can secure appointments to the hospital or clinics by booking online or offline according to their preferences. Online via. email, webchat, social media chat. Offline via. Calls or walk-in. Once the appointment is confirmed and accepted the appointment slot will be blocked, indicating an occupied appointment slot.
  • Case Management
    Implemented for cases raised from enquiries or requests by the agent which will be tracked and goes through escalation metrics unique to the client’s internal process and directed accordingly to the right department or entity. Agents can then update the status of the ticket, and the customer will be automatically notified for any updates or resolution of the case.
  • Account Management
    Agents will be able to retrieve and update the customer’s details including patient’s contact, next of kin contact, past interactions, medical histories, their preferred doctor, appointment histories, medical report and billing details while interacting with the customer. 
  • Corporate Services
    Corporate services module is designed to cater for the hospital group’s corporate customers, this module includes capabilities such as retrieving and update of corporate account details, appointment management for their corporate customers, retrieving or update of executive health screening packages, appointment slot utilization report extraction, retrieving and update on the latest corporate packages, and insurance policies.
  • Central Patient Assistance Centre
    This module is the backbone to the hospital’s patient assistance, built to facilitate everything that is involved to ensure optimal patient’s hospital experience. It enables appointment management for specific specialist doctors upon request. Based on the patient’s needs, the agent can assign an appointment to the best available specialist doctor to tend to the patient. This also includes the doctor’s referral for a specific specialist, setup of the list for partnering hotels, interpreters, and rep-partner.
  • Laboratory & Radiology
    This module integrates with the laboratory and radiology department which enables the agent to check on the status of the patient’s medical result report. Agents can check if the patient’s medical report is ready. Subsequently, customers will also be notified via. The Mobile App if their report is ready to be retrieved.
  • Doctor Scheduling & Assignment
    This module manages the doctor’s scheduling based on their assigned outlet and speciality. This module also provides an oversight on the doctor’s hours worked for the week and month. Assignment of doctors will be also based on their availability to attend to the emergency case.
  • Maternity Tour
    Couples who are expecting can arrange for a maternity tour to survey the hospital environment and facilities, this module enables the agent to book for an appointment, update on available time slots. The module also shows the available maternity packages that the hospital has to offer.
  • VIP management
    This module manages the accord VIP their due respect from the beginning of their journey, agents can arrange with partners of the hospital group for services such as after hospital care, flight bookings, transportation, meet and greet, translator services and hotel bookings to accommodate their VIP customers. These are all recorded and can be retrieved or updated by the agent.
  • SLA Reporting
    This module tracks SLA compliance of the agents, supervisors are able to monitor each individual agent’s performance and generate reports. Ensuring the level of customer service standards. This also serves as a guideline for agent’s to self-reflect on their performance.
  • Customer Mobile App
    The mobile app allows their customers to self-help, customers can directly book for appointment slots to their desired hospital or clinic, check on health check reports, schedule for a follow up appointment, receive notification reminders on their scheduled appointment, knowledge base and FAQ for customers to read.

NubiTrack Field Workforce Tracking Solution was also implemented for their ambulance tracking to have real-time updates on the ambulance whereabouts. From the platform, agents can have an overview and assign the nearest available ambulance and paramedic team. A paramedic can diagnose and document the patient’s condition from the digital customised human anatomy form with real-time updates. This enables the emergency team at the hospital to prepare for the patient before arrival, ensuring a seamless patient transfer to the hospital.   

The solutions mentioned above are all implemented under the Nubitel Ecosystem, with Nubitel Ecosystem in place, the client can continuously drive improvements for rapid and cost-effective growth, all the while empowering the healthcare services to deliver faster. More accurate services that contribute to critical life-saving procedures. 

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