Workforce Management & Planning made easy

OneContact WFO allows to manage efficiently the scheduling of call centers teams. Predict with accuracy various scenarios, such as timetables, shifts, service levels, KPIs, define business rules, monitor and access reports in real time. So, it is possible to continuously improve the agent´s performance and the contact center productivity. OneContact WFO can be integrated with the most advanced call center solutions.


“BPI Bank chose Collab for several reasons. The know-how and the level of commitments made by the product team, innovative functionalities, the solution design and the ability to integrate different elements of our reality were some of the key factors.”

Pedro Amorim, Director – New Channels Board, BPI Bank
Optimize your Contact Center with an Effective and Automated Workforce Management strategy
  • Continuous improvement of agents´ performance;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Reduce staff costs;
  • Real-time monitoring and planning of “what-if” scenarios;
  • Training program tailored to agents’ needs;
  • Increased customer satisfaction;

Advanced Team Management

The correct forecasting of call center work peaks and agents´ schedules planning are core and essential tasks, either for are core and essential tasks, either for customer satisfaction or for an efficient management. Dynamics such as staff vacations, absences, shift exchanges and other daily matters of human resources can become complex processes when managed manually. OneContact WFO automates all the work, ensures the best operational performance and guarantees the service quality, responding quickly to the different scenarios in the call center.

Performance management

The contact center success depends on the agents´ performance and motivation. OneContact WFO provides quality monitoring and speech analytics tools that allow to detect when agents need to improve their skills and take the appropriate training (e-learning). So this way, it is possible to not only improve the agent’ skills, but also the customer care and satisfaction. With Gamification engine all the benefits of OneContact WFO are maximized. Through game techniques and dynamics it is possible to motivate, retain employees, encourage the practice of positive behaviours, manage the agent´ life cycle, while "playing" to accomplish the organization´ goals in a fun environment.

Planning vs. Real-Time Decisions

OneContact WFO provides aggregated information about the planning in real time. Thus, through a set of KPIs graphically displayed you can view all call center activity and compare with what is really happening, in order to ensure that the plan is on schedule. When values fall for numbers out of the usual, the OneContact WFO sends alerts to highlight the situation. The supervisor can access this data at any time and place through the OneContact WFO mobile application.