Reinventing the Contact Center operation

Gamification is already used in several fields and aims to improve individual / collective skills, design positive behaviours, motivate co-workers. Through a series of interactive gaming experiences the organization goals are accomplished and the employee ´engagement is improved. This way companies have tools that allow them to manage the entire agent / employee life cycle (recruitment, on-boarding process, training, career management) and at the same time enhance the service quality in the contact center. Gamification is the perfect solution for this.

Boost your Call Center success with Gamification

The Collab Gamification engine uses your company Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to create Challenges, Achievements and Quests, for the agents. During or after these activities your agents acquire points that can be used to purchase awards or for career progression. In order to monitor the activities and allocation of rewards, the Gamification platform provides graphical analysis and statistic data regarding the various indicators. As a result, it is possible to identify trends / behaviours and react in situations that are not compatible with the company standards.

The following indicators can be used in a Gamification Strategy:

First Call Resolution
Average Handling Time
Customer Satisfaction / NPS
Customer Retention
Team vs individual performances

The advantages of a Gamification strategy can be maximized when integrated with an eLearning solution.

The integration of OneContact elearning with the Gamification engine allows to:
  • 01.
    TRAINING Interactive, cost-effective and faster skill-training for agents
  • 02.
    CSAT Increased customer satisfaction as a result of improved agent productivity
  • 03.
    PERFORMANCE Better performance and thus higher revenue growth for the clients
  • 04.
    COLLABORATION Cross learning among agents results in knowledge sharing and the motivation to perform better
  • 05.
    RETENTION High retention rates as agents are engaged and recognized for their efforts – leading to loyalty and organizational commitment

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