Are your clients disappointed by the absence of continuity between interactions as they move from channel to channel?

Collab’s Customer Interaction Hub (CIH) is a multichannel contact management system, which allows to create and maintain a clear view of the profile and history for every client. The Customer Interaction Hub platform runs inside OneAgent and automatically records all contacts, whether Inbound or Outbound, continuously maintaining the contact’s history and context.

This process is fundamental to Enterprise Excellency, where we wish to maintain a unique view for each customer, regardless of the channel that is used or time interval between interactions. The purpose of CIH is to allow the agent to resume a conversation with a client while having access to the total context of previous interactions, whether they happened by voice, video, email, chat, social networks, or other channels.

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Front Office

The system allows the day-to-day management of all contacts, including the need for rescheduling of contact attempts for a given date/time, which will be run automatically. It is organized in four main areas:

  • The customer’s file
  • The history of pending issues (unresolved)
  • The list of previous interactions (multi-channel)
  • Actions taken

The goal is to provide, in a single home screen, all relevant information about the client who is being contacted. When the dialogue starts, the agent can then create new issues, interactions, trigger new actions, make satisfaction surveys, etc. Each interaction is accompanied in CIH by two tabs, the first with the profile/ history of the client, and the other with the interaction itself, either a chat, a Facebook post, or the reception/reply to an email.

Back Office

The system contains a powerful administrative back office, with possible configuration of all operations and entities, such as;

  • Problem management
  • Type of subject
  • Service management
  • URL management for integration with the organization’s internal systems (web-services)
  • Actions management
  • User managements
  • Rules management
  • Password management.



An integral part of the Customer Interaction Hub is the reporting ability that complements OneSupervisor’s views, with two essential reports:

  • List of Inbound/Outbound interactions (voice, e-mail, chat, social networks, etc.).
  • Listing of cases/sessions assigned to agents.

Integration with corporate CRM tools

From the architectural point of view, the system also allows the native integration with the organization’s CRM, if it already exists or if it should be acquired, at a later stage.

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