Improving Mobile Workforce with Cloud Based Business Phone Systems


Mobile WorkforceMobile workforce is defined as the ability to work from any area, whenever, utilizing any gadget they wish to such as smart phones, tables and laptops.

Cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solution offers your mobile workforce with an exceptionally incorporated solution that can increase productivity.

VoIP and cloud-based Solutions empowers employees to connect with an essential business system regardless of where they are based and get the similar features from office-based employees.

This brings us to a question, have you wondered how exactly Cloud IP Telephony improves your mobile workforce in your business?

Web Conferencing

Join Web Conferences from Any Location

Web conferencing Solutions enable you to have access to meetings with employees or customers in real-time. Colleagues can join arranged or spontaneous meetings and start teaming up from anyplace. Simplicity of involvement empowers employees to complete work from remote areas, which subsidizes significantly to the work-life balance. Also, it removes travel costs and rise collaboration.

Business VoIP

VoIP is ideal for allowing a mobile workforce. An employee’s mobile phone can be connected to an organization’s IP Telephony system which allows them to get calls, messages, and voice messages. Regardless of whether the gadget is provided by the organization, or BYOD, an employee can remain associated from any area over the globe, and still have alternatives for single number contact, inbound and outbound dialing with voice and call quality still ensured.



With the rise of freelancers and contract employees, the trend of flexible work hours, and the ease of communication through technology, part of you workforce will be offsite. For sale divisions particularly, having the capacity to remain completely associated while continually progressing is fundamental. Cloud-based IP telephony gives these employees the opportunity to get their work done efficiently which eventually increases the productivity of the business.

Sustain Professional Identity

Removing personal contact number as main contact is serious in most organizations. It is true as customer loyalty is attached to a phone number or while having contact data exist in the agent’s gadget isn’t the best.

For instance, if an agent suddenly leaves, the organization holds access to the customer’s contact data, and the previous agent can never again get to that data. You can likewise control which number customers use to contact an agent, and additionally the outbound SMS and caller ID number that the agent’s customers see.


Teamwork Is Built-In 

IT groups are currently assigned with coordinating group’s teamwork effort with communications. With Unified Communications, team can enjoy features such as group messaging, task management, and fast access to video meetings and documents in cloud storage that incredibly decrease the time lost filtering through emails. Teams have more grounded associations, regardless to their physical areas because of the workforce mobility.

Minimize Costs and Improve Billing Management.

A cloud telephone system limits charges for long-distance calls and wipes out particular landlines. It additionally gives a monthly invoice that incorporates all lines for your whole workforce, including remote agents. That converts into a simplified billing process that not just liberates your agents from investing time getting ready cost reports yet in addition wipes out the requirement for managers and corporate accounting to favor various phone bills.

Corporate Identity

Protect Profitable Corporate Information

With Cloud IP Telephony, customers contacts and other basic corporate information live in the cloud, just the application resides on the gadget. In the event that a gadget is lost or stolen, your confidential information stays protected and available by you. Cloud IP Telephony is secured in Tier 1 server centers, where specialists update the data security in light of the most recent best procedures. This removes with the requirement for your IT office, or IT groups at every business area, to wind up security specialists.

To sum up, Cloud IP Telephony improves your business’s Mobile Workforce to the next level, which enhances the business communication between your employees and customers.

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Cloud Contact Center

As business demand increases, Customer support functions only gets extra headcount once a while to keep lockstep with the development, while client desires keep on rising. This leaves many contact centers to accomplish more with less, and attempting to get it with current customers experience desires. Without a doubt contact center manager need to stay aware of rivalry and customer demands. The best approach to do this is with investment in contact center software solutions.

As the worldwide cloud market keeps on developing at a relentless pace, cloud contact center solutions similarly remain a strong tool for conveying delight customer experiences. Cloud-based contact center focuses from calls to online channels, in sake of the organization by giving elite data and help to customers who profit a real organization product and service. A Cloud-based contact center is made from both physical and virtual assets which incorporates computer-telephony integration and customer service representatives. Organizations are moving contact centers to the cloud to pick up adaptability, efficiency, and security. Moreover, being cost-effective, cloud contact center models enable clients to be responsible for their systems and give new chances for better client experiences.

Here are 5 Main Benefits of moving your contact center to cloud:

Deployment is Quick and Easy as ABC

Cloud-based contact center are quicker and simply to deploy compare to the on-premise systems that can take a very long time to set up. Cloud-based contact center solutions regularly offer distinctive packages relying upon the intricacy of the task, considering organizations to start off more rapidly than with an on-premise contact center. Cloud-based contact centers does not require broad agent training. Program based software can be designed in a couple of clicks.

Easy Deployment


Increase Scalability and Flexibility

It’s so much easier to add agent’s licenses to your contact center in the cloud than on-premise. New licenses can be included instantly and your agent pool can be scaled up down as business develops or for occasional changes. Shorter contract lengths permit contact center client’s briefer tie-in periods. Contact centers need a client service alternative that gives imaginative solutions, offers great help, and guarantees reliability. Through the cloud, organizations have greater adaptability in changing to contact centers merchants that can best meet these necessities.

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Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Utilizing a cloud-based system decreases the cost and making it simpler to give customer solutions. Picking a cloud-based contact center will free you from this weight as your partner won’t just keep your equipment on the highest point of-the-line, however will likewise deal with your business, and these are met just by paying a month to month membership. It additionally has a lower upfront cost. A cloud contact center lessens your upfront expenses by up to 70%. You can even begin in a little office as long as you have the hardware and programming set up which gives you access to all the cloud contact center features in a low cost.

Cloud Security

Enhanced Security

Noticeable cloud suppliers has put resources into reinforcement foundation to guarantee the most elevated amount of security and up-time for clients. Cloud-based contact center suppliers have contributed a lot of assets to enhance their security systems, frequently with elaborate security conventions and best practices that on-premise contact centers may not have. cloud solutions normally offer more grounded disaster recovery functions than on-premise solutions. At the point when blackouts happen because of catastrophic events or other problematic occasions, cloud solutions empower persistent operational functionality, like, enabling agents to interface with clients through cell phones when network is compromised during troublesome occasions.

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Cloud Accessibility


While the cost of outsourcing is decreased, another favorable position related with cloud programming is that it is promptly available and accessible by all employees, no matter even in different locations. They can be in an office, working from home, utilizing satellite associations or even operating on road from their cell phones. It gives consistent access to both the employers and employees. With a virtual contact center, employers can screen their remote agents continuously, making it simpler to guarantee clients are getting the most noteworthy quality service. Many cloud-based contact center highlights even allow employers to screen and record agents discussions progressively in real-time.


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