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AI For Customer Service


Chatbots have transformed the customer service space. 2018 stands to bring more chatbot innovation. Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t only for big Enterprises anymore, even small businesses can use AI innovation to enhance their business processes, interact with their clients on a more profound level and eventually, increase their sales.

By changing customer service communications, AI-powered digital solutions are ready to enhance each part of your business including:

  • Online customer experience
  • Brand reputation
  • faithfulness
  • Preventive support
  • and revenue streams

AI for customer service’s intelligence will help anticipate specific customer needs learning from their contexts, previous chat history and preferences

AI integrated system will capture endless online data in order to:

  • Recognize customer problems
  • Develop and study from gathered data
  • Describe customer behavior pattern
  • Determine their everyday decisions and preferences
  • Be quick with proactive alert replies
  • Propose customized offers and discounts
  • Provide real-time support (FAQs, help blogs, reports)
  • Resolve problem before they reach
  • Lessen customer abandonment rate and complaints


Here are a couple of main reasons how AI-powered customer service can possibly help customer support agents:

One-time Venture For Enduring Benefits

Automating replies through AI-bots platforms can limit cost and time. AI-Bots are pre-automated intelligent system loaded down with domain-specific knowledge base. All it needs is to be set, just once. After presenting new process changes, just re-configure the software as opposed to retraining your whole care staff.

Such AI assisted platforms take control over a similar routine customer demands, empowering contact center representatives to take a shot at more critical and important jobs that needs to be done.

Multi Channel

Multi Channels Support

AI innovation is worth more than to just give direct assistance to customers, it can also likewise be utilized to usher customer service path. Now and again when issues get complex, an intelligent support system will have a specific ability to coordinate customers towards parallel support channels.

While customer get effective solutions, agents satisfy their service responsibilities and release stacked support channels from the hectic rush.

Continuous Drive of Service

One of the amazing advantage from utilizing AI for automating replies is its freedom from time limitations and Holiday leaves. This implies at any given minute customers will have the capacity to communicate with AI robot to resolve issues. Such continuous customer service enables companies to remain responsive 24/7 to address approaching customer request.

The Outcomes Are:

  • No Hold Up Times
  • Quick Resolution
  • Quick Escalation
  • Optimized Customer Satisfaction
  • High-Level Service Solutions
  • Enhanced Commitment Level
  • Improved Brand Reputation

Chatbot and Human

Will AI-bots replace human jobs?

Would you trust a front-end bot to solve your problems? In case you’re similar to the majority of customers, the response is no. Front-end chatbot innovation is primitive and helpful for simple, pre-defined forms.

At times, human occupations might have the capacity to be replaced by a chatbot. Customer Service Agents are one part that might be refocused. Regardless, the revolution will require human assistance to better ‘modify’ how chatbots connect with people, and correct bias.

Here’s a glance that shows how customer support agents and Artificial Intelligence will work in pair to improve the customer experience in the near future:

More Cooperative Self-Service Support

To begin with, support will turn out to be more proactive. At the point when help is required, cleverer search tools, chatbots, and knowledge management applications will guide customers to content that accurately solves their inquiry 80% of the time.

Innovation will put more significant data readily available. Yet, there will keep on being questions that need the critical thinking skills and compassion that just a human agent can have.

Human Communication from the phone will reduce massively

Mostly from any platform, 40% of all customer service communication happen on the telephone with a customer support agent. Though, by 2022, this will reduce to only 12%.

Opportunity will emerge for these agents as other support channels like, chat and social, screen sharing and video chatting will develop to be more well known. Not only will agents be expected to assist customer in these new platforms, human brain ability and exertion will be expected to on-board these new innovations within companies, advance best practices, and prepare employees.

Agent-assisted self-service becomes a “Standard requirement”

Self-service support gets cleverer and agents are accessible to support customers over more channelsA customer could begin their journey with self-service solution, then complete their interaction with a human, or the other way around. For instance, a customer may ask a chatbot an inquiry, the chatbot would limit that inquiry down to a single subject area, then an agent that has some expertise in that subject area is able to take over. Discussions will be moving seamlessly starting with one channel to the next.

Agents upheld by intelligent programming will have a choice of approaches to customize the customer experience of tomorrow and serve customer more quickly, precisely, and emphatically like never before.

To sum up, AI-powered customer service chatbots can assist customer support agents to optimize customer experience and enhance interaction between agents and customers by creating a seamless flow of conversation. Now you too can enhance your customer service interaction, Contact us at to find out how!


No more hearing that chatbots will be the next huge thing since they as of now are. Chatbots have lately turned out to be very prominent. They are being utilized by organizations to give proactive help to their customers.

Chatbots are Computer programs intended to cooperate with individuals utilizing textual contents through chat interface. Nevertheless, in the course of recent years, chatbots have very much enhanced to outperform simple textual format and are presently armed artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning abilities.

Likewise, numerous huge organizations like H&M has reported the powerful utilization of their own chatbots as part of customer service. In addition, Chatbots have developed and enhanced to profit social media messengers platforms.

Furthermore, 60% of the young generation utilizes them day by day. These insights demonstrate that chatbots are the new-generation tech. Owing to this, by the year 2020, 80% of organizations will have their own particular chatbot. Here are 20 ways chatbots can simplify your business processes!

1. Enhance Customer Experience and Offers Constant Customer Service

Chatbot intends to help users by giving individual references and enhances users online shopping experience. Chatbot link users with customer service at all times. Chatbots become very useful especially during the weekends or after working hours.

2.Increases Sales

Chatbot is able to recollect customer preference and is able to take care of the entire sale. The bot is able to learn address details, influence proposals for the following order and much more, just by utilizing the order history. Moreover, chatbot is able to guarantee that all data required is given. As users require their transactions to be very simple, chatbot is able to deliver smooth transactions that eventually will increase sales.

3. Seize Analytics Automatically

Chatbots can be automated to record responses of a product as the bot answers the users inquires. With this, business can understand how users react to a specific feature or products of the business.

4. Personal Assistant and Increase Productivity

Chatbot allows you to focus on other important activities in an organization while the bot takes care of the massive variety of task as your personal assistant. A chatbot is able to assist you with task such as Schedule, edit or cancel meetings, send and receive emails and remind you of an appointment for both your professional and personal use. When you organize your assignments according to productivity, you will encounter an increase in your business’ revenue-generating capacity.

5. Cost Saving

Chatbots are a one-time speculation which enables organizations to lessen down required staff. You could forward complicated inquires to customer support agents, as you can coordinate a customer support chatbot in your business to answer the simple inquiries.

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6. Customer Satisfaction on Point

Chatbots are bound to a certain standard that are to be followed as long as they’re automated to, whereas agent might react to users differently according to their feelings. Additionally, a bot can be prepared to interact in the dialect of the users.

7. Evolve Business Intelligence

It has turned out to be fundamental for organizations to evolve significant business intelligence (BI) and improve their products and services to better fit the request of the users. Building a chatbot by utilizing the correct platforms, allows you to make full use of your BI. Additionally, arrange it to record particular actions that users take on the chatbot.

8. Boost Communication

Chatbots enhances communication in an organization as employees from different departments can interact and work together in a superior way. Chatbots are altering the business situation and are turning into a forceful tool that will enable small to big organizations to create an impact.

9. Great Interpersonal Skills That Enhances Conversation

Every business should create a friendlier conversation with customers by adapting interpersonal and social skills of a great speaker and listener. Owing to the NLP (Natural language processing) quality of a bot, Chatbot allows business to adapt this kind of conversation as a bot is able to chat with your customer in a friendly manner by utilizing terms like “hi,” “without a doubt,” “how is it going?” and significantly more.

10. Promising healthy life

Chatbot can also remind you and your colleagues on taking break times like when to drink water, take a walk or even when it’s time to take a take a power nap.

11. 24/7 Availability

A AI-Powered Chatbot remains productive 24 hours whereas an agent is productive only for 6 to 7 hours per day. Bots are supplanting live chats and different types of contact, for example, emails and telephone calls. Chatbots will keep on obeying your command as the bots are essentially virtual robots.

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12. Personalized Experience

Users enjoy personalized experiences all the time, and chatbots is the best way to convey that. Owing to built-in AI, Chatbots can read the human intent as well as recover and measure past conversations to convey a more personalized experience to users.

13. Queries Solved Instantly

Messaging platforms has been increasing in demand as many users hate the annoying “on-hold music” feature and the waiting time of it on helplines. Besides, Chatbots diminish the holding up time to successfully zero. As most users have similar inquiries, bots are automated to answers such queries immediately.

14. Text-Based Chatbots.

This implies that bot gives your users the well being of a text chat with the conversational warmness of a human. Your customer service representative does not need to get the telephone to get hold of you. Furthermore, a text-based message from a business about a potential deal is probably going to be received better.

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15. Business Operation Scales Chatbot

Chatbots will scale your customer interaction features as and when your Business develops. Another worry for a developing business is its capacity to deal with numerous requests without a parallel development in its support facilities. A human normally could just connect with users each one in turn whereas with chatbots, there is no such limitation. Chatbot can concurrently communicate with a huge number of individuals, with no postponements.

16. Analyze Trends of Big Data

These days AI-Powered chatbots are sufficiently proficient to analyze and process business-related Big Data. Such a savvy innovation helps customers in recovering fundamental examples identified with the purchase, sales and customer support histories of the users. Organizations can use the composed data for improving their services better, henceforth enhancing their process.

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17. Enhancing environmental awareness

Newsbot, allows you to be fully informed regarding everything supportability. You might have the capacity to prepare it to offer tips on the best way to make more environmentally-friendly work-space.

18. Driving Retention Rates

ROI is directly proportional to the customer retention and churn rate. It decreases as your customers leave your network and rise when you succeed in retaining them. An AI-enabled and well-connected chatbot can understand what your customers expect and what’s making them think indifferent towards your business.


19. Automate Business Processes

Chatbots now can automate business procedures that has to be done often, at the ideal time. For Example, chatbot could be customized to answer as often as possible inquiries that are often asked from users and employees. Furthermore, chatbots can strategically pitch in view of a user’s shopping history.

20. Cart Abandonment is Avoided

Chatbots can help to avoid cart abandonment by reminding users about incomplete requests and noting normal inquiries. The best Chatbots give an automated customer service involvement that feels customized and humanly-friendly to purchasers.


Want to learn more about Chatbot offerings ? Find Out More Here and Contact Our Nubitel Team at or send us an inquiry Here

Top 9 Unified Communication Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Unified Communications (UC) made great steps in 2017, with UC deployment empowering the digital conversion inventiveness inside numerous cutting edge ventures and fundamentally enhancing the way business experts interact. Now the question is, what other new advancements and improvements would we be expecting to see this year! Here are the Top 9 Unified Communication Trends that will Dominate 2018.

Selection of Hybrid Model Over UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS)

Hybrid offers associations with the flexibility to move slowly to the cloud at any given moment and pace that best suits the business. A Hybrid Solution offers these organizations with the alternative of making an initial move towards the cloud by providing a part of the Unified Communications infrastructure on premise and another part in the cloud.

Development of video deployment

As video is turning into a key innovation to drive better communication and alliances, there is substantially more concentration today on the general User Interface (UI) and customer experience.

Video deployments were generally observed as just commercially suitable for the mid-market and venture, yet propels in lower cost equipment and IP network.

Now  the accessibility of cloud based Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) has implied that video is at long last turning into a pervasive communications medium for private ventures and SMEs, and will turn into a key new income stream for re-sellers and service providers in 2018.

Browser-Based and In-App Communications

Organizations can improve user connections and rise efficiency in 2018 by inserting real-time multimedia communications capacities specifically into a web program or mobile application.

For example, numerous banks are principally communicating with their customers exclusively through their applications. Most customer interactions occur on the web, by means of a web browser or mobile application.

The capacity to utilize that application to draw in with customers in new and distinctive ways, regardless of whether through online chat or video meeting, can enable organizations to remain connected with customers.

Powerful Mobility over Smartphone

Mobility is a huge bonus to our profitability. There are numerous trends that will make our smart phones significantly more influential tools for most businesses in 2018. Firstly, is 5G, which will enable us to process more information whenever, with expanded quality of service.

The second is improved UC capacities upheld by smart phones. New applications such as team collaboration, content sharing and improved meeting support will be out as well. You’ll likewise observe the capacity to start a task on one device and consistently keep working at it through another.

Artificial Intelligence Enhancing Customer Experience

Customers are progressively associating with AI. AI is as of now drastically changing call centers and becoming more productive with bots that can rapidly answer the inquiries most generally asked by customers. Now AI can even foresee customer behavior, giving advice to customers service representatives on how best to resolve a specific issue. In 2018, we will see significantly more prominent acknowledgment of bots as a genuine substitute to human interaction for customer service.

Security of UC

There will be a continually focus on increasing the focus on UC security and analytics. With GDPR approaching and a developing danger from cyber-attacks, additional attention will be required in the UC space to secure end user information, and furthermore guarantee assurance against hacking and cyber threats.

Modernized workplace

With the assistance of UC tools, it is not anymore vital for everybody to need to work from 8 to 5. They can sort out their work routine themselves. Moreover, team associates can see whether a colleague is accessible or not.

Let’s say if a One-Number idea is embraced, the associate does not have to stress over which number the associate can be reached at, but simply dials the one number and, depending upon the user settings, the UC solutions deals with the end device the call is directed to.

In the meantime, every one of these features additionally empower mobile working. Employees can work from anywhere that has network access, as long as they have their work tool with them.

Price of Subscription

Especially, if Unified Communications moves increasingly towards cloud-based solutions, a subscription model is invaluable in any case. These cost models likewise offer the user greater adaptability by powerfully expanding the quantity of users or by just empowering certain features to be initiated for test purposes.

Advancing in Digital Assistant

2017 was the year users invited AI into their homes. Yet, application in a corporate workplace has been slow to take after as the intricate information required to perform activities like running reports has been different, and the setting expected to guarantee precision is difficult to characterize.

Nevertheless, 2018 will see this change. The market will request it, and now the tools are there to get it going. While the acceptance won’t be broad, the early adopters will positively be paving for the introduction of the enterprise type of the digital assistance.


Looking for a way to unify your Employees, Offices and Remote Workers under ONE PHONE SYSTEM? Bringing to you Nubitel UC, Cloud Unified Communication, a Virtual Phone System at a LOW COST that allows you to RETAIN the system even when you are relocating. 

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8 Benefits of Bringing Chatbots Into Your Business

In this Digital World today, there always appear to be some new and upcoming trends that influences the business world, from the utilization of a PC to the development in commerce trends. Nevertheless, Chatbots are one of the digital trends that organizations from online business to retail should utilize.

Chatbot ai 45

WHY, You May Ask?

As businesses are aware that nowadays complaints happen in real time, customer service has to happen in real time too via multiple channels such as mobile apps, web chat, messaging apps and many more. Only recently businesses begun to use Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, even though it has been around for a long time. This is because Chatbots deliver a rapid interface to solve customer queries. Moreover, Chatbots is not only able to undertake simple tasks but also manage end-to-end e-commerce transactions. Chatbots are able to handle inquiries that are always asked to the customer service team.

WHAT is Chatbot?

In simple words, Chatbots can be classified as the Blend of Messaging Apps and Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots are in between the lines of virtual assistance that is intended to involve in a human-like conversation. The objective is to form content which are more customized to the customer experience as it can expand customer engagement for businesses. Some of the examples of Chatbots are such as Siri, Google Now and many more.

Chatbots is the combination of the 3 ‘I’s

Intelligence (AI)

Permits the chatbot to comprehend and tackle customer questions and to pick up from every dealing.

Integration (SI)

This is the joining with different systems and stages, incorporating combination with workforce management frameworks to get to human operators.

Interface (UI)

This covers the interface among the chatbot and the human, through a messaging application or a chat meeting on an organization’s website.

Benefits of Chatbots for your Business

Rise Customer Service Availability

Chatbots provides your business with nonstop customer service without employing extra agent. The bots can offer efficient data and answers to inquiries or issues quicker and more productively than an agent.

Chatbot ai 1

Increase Sales

As buyers surf the web, bots send focused pictures in view of past buys and surfing behavior. Bots can similarly be linked to mobile commerce sites to enable shoppers to buy items straightforwardly from cell phones.

Increase Brand Engagement

More brands are utilizing bots to convey branded content. This works also to how a site, Facebook page or a blog has conveyed content before. The change being that the chatbots isn’t static, however customized and intelligent.

Mobile-friendly and instant accessibility

Alongside a web nearness, it has additionally turned out to be progressively significant for brands to have a mobile existence application, mobile-optimized sites. Considering how chat has been around on the mobile for a very long time, most chatbots executions do not bother you to work on tweaking their UI, they are prepared to actualize and are accessible to your customers quickly.

Chatbot ai 3

Solid Connections

Chatbots can help you to remember an upcoming meeting. Even better, they can be utilized to prepare purchasers to your upcoming online class and podcast. This builds customer engagement by removing missed occasions from either end.

Utilize messaging apps

With Facebook Messenger presenting Chatbots stages and APIs, it has turned out to be anything but difficult to take advantage of an expansive user base. These users can draw in with your Chatbots without human involvement.

Chatbot ai 2

Higher user engagement

Most organizations nowadays have a web existence. In any case, with being on the web, limits of day and night, accessibility and inaccessibility have changed, so have customer expectations. This is most likely the main motivation to utilize them. Bots give the user a collaborative experience. It influences customers to feel they are working with somebody to help settle their problem. Bots can enable clients to discover what they are searching for and increase the possibility for them to return.

 Minimal cost & Maximum Revenues

Most importantly, Chatbots are also very cheap. Channels like Facebook Messenger offer the important foundation and APIs for making these bots. They require less upkeep and since it is computerized, there is no labor-intensive work that goes in there. Chatbots has the quickest method for giving a drawing in engaging experience to users.


WHERE Can You Get Chatbots? 

Microtel Techology similarly provides Chatbots Solution that allows you and your customers to improve your Customer Experience and to enjoy the amazing benefits mentioned above.  To find out more on Our Chatbot Solution, contact Microtel Sales team at or send us an inquiry here.




Are your clients disappointed by the absence of continuity between interactions as they move from channel to channel?

Collab’s Customer Interaction Hub (CIH) is a multichannel contact management system, which allows to create and maintain a clear view of the profile and history for every client. The Customer Interaction Hub platform runs inside OneAgent and automatically records all contacts, whether Inbound or Outbound, continuously maintaining the contact’s history and context.

This process is fundamental to Enterprise Excellency, where we wish to maintain a unique view for each customer, regardless of the channel that is used or time interval between interactions. The purpose of CIH is to allow the agent to resume a conversation with a client while having access to the total context of previous interactions, whether they happened by voice, video, email, chat, social networks, or other channels.


Front Office

The system allows the day-to-day management of all contacts, including the need for rescheduling of contact attempts for a given date/time, which will be run automatically. It is organized in four main areas:

  • The customer’s file
  • The history of pending issues (unresolved)
  • The list of previous interactions (multi-channel)
  • Actions taken

The goal is to provide, in a single home screen, all relevant information about the client who is being contacted. When the dialogue starts, the agent can then create new issues, interactions, trigger new actions, make satisfaction surveys, etc. Each interaction is accompanied in CIH by two tabs, the first with the profile/ history of the client, and the other with the interaction itself, either a chat, a Facebook post, or the reception/reply to an email.

Back Office

The system contains a powerful administrative back office, with possible configuration of all operations and entities, such as;

  • Problem management
  • Type of subject
  • Service management
  • URL management for integration with the organization’s internal systems (web-services)
  • Actions management
  • User managements
  • Rules management
  • Password management.



An integral part of the Customer Interaction Hub is the reporting ability that complements OneSupervisor’s views, with two essential reports:

  • List of Inbound/Outbound interactions (voice, e-mail, chat, social networks, etc.).
  • Listing of cases/sessions assigned to agents.

Integration with corporate CRM tools

From the architectural point of view, the system also allows the native integration with the organization’s CRM, if it already exists or if it should be acquired, at a later stage.

For further details, drop us an email on






Gamification is a tool to design behaviors, develop skills, enable innovation. Combined with other technologies and trends, gamification can cause major discontinuities in innovation, employee performance management, education, personal development and customer engagement. It includes:

  • Structuring an ad-hoc world
  • Managing the agent lifecycle
  • Integrating technologies in a perfectly optimized workforce ecosystem




  • Gamification motivate workers to complete tasks by making them more fun and appealing.
  • Challenges will create competition, hence, increasing workers performance.
  • Teamwork will often become the main tool to reach goals.
  •  It can also be used as a Learning Tool for trainees to follow and learn about their tasks.


With the Gamification Engine of Suite 2.5, we are creating a platform that can be connected to OneWorkForce, OneContact or any other 3rd party software. By doing this, your current Key Performance Indicators can be used to create Quests, Challenges and Achievements that will become available to your agents.

Further information on GAMIFICATION: LEARN MORE



Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

There are many CRM Solutions for your business that can be used but choosing the RIGHT one can be a challenge. The right way to choose is by analyzing your organization’s needs. What, particularly, does your business require your CRM for? Although, each of different CRM solutions will carry out the same jobs, each of them emphasizes different aspects of the CRM process.


Organisations and businesses of all sizes have realized the importance of forging and nurturing long-lasting relationships with their customers. Microtel CRM solutions helps to manage and track customer lifecycle management whether in customer acquisition or customer retention. Providing functionality to enterprises in sales, marketing and customer service through collaborative, operational and analytical components.

Microtel CRM simplifies agent-customer interaction and helps businesses increase productivity through increased cross-selling, service customization and customer retention. There are many benefits and functionality by using this CRM Solution by Microtel Technology:

Inbound Process:

  • Customer Support CRM
  • Help Desk CRM
  • Case Management System

Outbound Process:

  • Sales and Marketing CRM
  • Collections CRM

CRM Inbound Management

  • Customer Service Management
  • Contact Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Operational Level Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Management Reporting

CRM Announcer

  • Email Management

CRM Assignment

  • Concurrent Assignment
  • Sequential Assignment

CRM Assist

  • FAQ Management
  • Scripting Management
  • Guided Script
  • Fulfillment Management

CRM Alert

  • Notification Management
  • Escalation Management

CRM Integration Kit

Selecting the right CRM Solution may not be easy, but the results of starting with the right solution makes the effort worth it. Microtel CRM facilitates anticipation and responsiveness of the customer requirements accurately. It provides comprehensive features for data collection and communication interactions. Make the right decision by choosing the CRM solution by Microtel Technology.

For further information on our CRM Solution, visit CRM Solutions.