How unified cloud communications can benefit productivity and customer satisfaction

Productivity, customer satisfaction and business success are the three key benefits to cloud communications, according to a new study.

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Understanding customers is one of the most crucial step in any business, especially call centers! It becomes increasingly important to have an overall view of each and every customer that calls in, so that agents are able to interact with these customers effectively. Hence, Customer relationship management (CRM) is a major focus in call centers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is to improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Here are 6 Benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Call Centers:


Easy Access to Data

CRM Solution give agents the full extent of a customer’s information. Customer information is composed of all necessary data on everything from buying and service history to individual contact data, making it less demanding for agents to associate with clients in a convenient, careful, and customized way with increased likelihoods for first contact determination. Moreover, CRM allow agents who communicate with customers regularly to access relevant data on goods, warranties, services and past transactions. From a customer’s point of view, it is very important for call centers to have an exact and up-to-date data for interaction to be a success.


Improved Sales

The main benefit of CRM is that it increases sales as the software focuses on gaining new customers, upgrading associations with current customers and holding client connections. Other than just answering inquiries or sending calls to other individuals inside the association, the information picked up from CRM software can engage call center agents to work well. Agents can easily cover a variation of activities such as credit notices pre-sales queries, return merchandise authorizations (RMAs), order processing, customer support, goods suggestions and post-sales services.


Enhanced Customer Service

A Customer that phones a call center always expects the agent to have all necessary information before hand and answer their inquiries as quick and effective as possible. CRM software has all the call history through the Log History and can route calls by categories to make sure that the most suitable agent interacts with the customer.  By having this data accessible, call center agents can likewise lessen customer’s disappointments caused by having to re-clarify beforehand raised concerns.


Cost Efficiency

Expanded efficiency converts into reduced contact center costs, as less time and assets are expected to oversee customers collaborations. Furthermore, contact centers which utilize a prescient dialing solution with CRM combination lessen costs. Such solutions computerize and catch all call movement straightforwardly into the CRM for better lead management through the inbound management. It monitors the best circumstances to call customers, include valuable real-time metrics and KPIs that may enhance sales and advertising techniques without requiring extra costly telecom equipment or reconciliation. It decreases the general operational cost by minimizing training costs and call dealing with normal time.

increased quality - speed - efficiency

Effective Reporting

CRM Software gives supervisors the data that they in for making on vital choices. Report Management gives call centers the capacity to analyze call volume, case classes, case times and income per call are simply of few of the reports accessible to help the administration group.


Script Management

Casual flowcharts enable call center agents proficiently move customers towards a determination or deal, contingent upon the circumstance displayed. Connecting Call Centers with CRM software gives organizations a chance to make intuitive call scripts which can be accessed rapidly, giving customers the feeling that agents are talking with them in a characteristic, consistent flow. Moreover, these scripts can be connected to quantifiable information, enabling marketers to change scripts upon the viability of the message conveyed.


Contact centers are very important in today’s world as many businesses operate a contact center to deal with customer’s problems. It is never easy to make sure a customer is satisfied. It becomes increasingly important to ensure customer interaction is on the top, so that it improves customer experience.

Customer Experience is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. This interaction is made up of three parts: the customer journey, the brand touch-points the customer interacts with, and the environments the customer experiences (including digital environment) during their experience. A good customer experience means that the individual’s experience during all points of contact matches the individual’s expectations.


Here are 8 amazingly simple steps to improve customer experience in contact centers:

Performance Evaluation of Contact Center Agents.

It is very important to hire and train excellent agents, to ensure a positive customer experience. However, what can contact center managers do to monitor their agents, so that they can re-train agents that needs more coaching?

This can be resolved by using the speech analytics. This gives managers the ability to find out the main reason of customer calls and work hand in hand with agents to settle problems before they increase.

Customer’s Expectations Exceeded.

Meeting customer’s expectations and exceeding them are 2 different efforts. Customer Experience is known as excellent only when your group tries to meet the needs of a customer and then goes beyond to exceed their expectations.


Every Call Is Important!

The IVR channel should never propose busy signs when customers call in to self-serve as this appears evident, and it is frequently neglected. Agents should use an expert voice to guarantee consistency over all territories of the IVR which also incorporates temporary messages.

Reduce On-Hold Times.


Let’s face it, NOBODY likes being put on hold during a phone call, especially a call from a contact centers! However, it is nearly impossible to avoid putting a call on-hold, as there might be an issue that requires further internal checking, that takes a while. But, companies should work on reducing the time they put their customers on-hold. This will not irritate a customer and increase satisfaction level towards the service.

CEM Integration, The Right Way.

Customers interaction can be analyzed and checked with a set of tools known as customer experience management (CEM). However, before making an effective business strategy, it is essential to take into consideration the factors that are associated with customer interaction.

An organization can discover the requirement and needs of its customers, find out the most common issues they go through and find the best solution on how to solve them, all just with the right CEM integration in the contact center software.

Happy Agents, Happy Customers!


This is the simplest step. Happy Employee, Happy Customer! It is very important that managers keep their agents happy. An agent might answer a customer negatively if he/she is in a bad mood. Hence, it is important that managers guarantee that their agents are happy with their work and and the work environment to ensure satisfied agents will take care of any issues or challenges.

Improving Customer Experience Strategy.

As for now, if you already have a CX strategy, the most ideal approach to additionally enhance your customer experience is by improving your customer experience strategy. Be vibrant about your CX objectives and what you need to do to accomplish it. Furthermore, agents can come up with more customized offers to build customer closeness.

Improve Call Center Efficiency


It is essential to enhance your contact center’s performance, so that you can accomplish a competitive edge in customer experience. Section your customers by IVR, analytics and call routing data and concentrate on the overall business. Enable your agents with an omni-channel customer experience platform, so that they have a clearer vision of every customers connections and are able to enhance their agent effectiveness.


Why move from traditional telephone to communication headsets?

Here is why!

Many individuals face difficulty in communicating on the telephone with customers or clients in a noisy working environment. This may affect the work productivity of an employee and causing them in delaying their work. fortunately, communication headsets will help  working in a noisy environment and increase your work productivity.

Here are 4 advantages of using communication headsets at workplace.

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Increase Productivity

Every employer finds a way to enhance productivity within the workplace. By Using communication headsets, businesses can enhance productivity by 43 percent at workplace. This is because, communication Headsets are a cost-effective way to increase productivity. Communication headsets enable employees to utilize hands while talking on the telephone. It is simpler now to take notes without agonizing over dropping the telephone and employees can even carry on with different task when they are on a call that doesn’t require their complete intention. In addition, wireless headsets free up user’s hands enabling them to multitask viably. For example, message an associate for a solution to your caller’s inquiry, utilize your PC to scan for information to help the caller and make notes about your discussion with the caller.


Increase Flexibility and Freedom

Wireless headsets give you the extra freedom to leave your work area and move around throughout telephone calls, at present up to 300ft from your telephone. Thus, employees can work on additional task if necessary without shouting over the space for assistance. For example, employees can find a report at their work area or close-by file organizers, answer calls while away from their work area and reduce the strain of sitting throughout the day by walking around and stretching.

Improved Sound Quality

Communication headsets offers stable quality that enable employees to control the sound coming in by turning the speaker up or down in view of individual preferences. Wearing a headset empowers the microphone to remain in an indistinguishable position from your head moves and speech, so that your voice remains steady. If you utilize a headset with noise-canceling technology the microphone filters up to 75% of background sounds or disturbance, so that your callers hear just you, even in noisy situations. In addition, Wireless headsets additionally tend to offer improved complete sound quality. For example, headset microphones are situated nearer to the speaker’s mouth and the choice for binaural headsets permits both your ears to be secured so you can hear your caller better.


Improved Health and Reduce Stress Level

Wearing headsets relieves you of the strains and stress that these muscles persist when you put a phone to your ear consistently. Supporting a phone against your shoulder is the main cause of neck and back aches in workplaces today. After some time, this can prompt poor posture, cramping, and if not followed up on, chronic neck and back pain. Always holding a telephone up to your face can likewise cause lower blood stream to the arms. Headsets have been found to lessen muscle pressure in the neck, upper back and bears. The lightweight idea of these headsets implies that the wearer will barer enroll that they are wearing them, taking the strain off the neck and shoulders, along these lines enhancing well-being inside working environment. Headsets likewise diminishes stress by giving employees the flexibility to accomplish more work amid the day as they don’t need to be tied up to their work area for 7 hours every day.



Call center Managers are continually searching for better approaches to inspire their agents and improve their productivity levels. nevertheless, with such high agent’s turnover and low resolve in many call centers, it is not generally simple to keep agents profitability high.

However, they are ways to improve productivity of these call center agents that may increase their level of confidence and participation in the job and workplace, which eventually will increase the profitability level as well.




Increase Agent Autonomy

Enabling agents to have a specific level of autonomy can significantly help both call center and agent productivity. This diminishes the probability that the agent should exchange the call to another department for detailed information. It can affect the streamlining call center work process. Providing Agents with more dynamic software while at the same time permitting them enough independence opens better conducts to give more customized services. Work engagement and productivity can majorly be improved by giving agents the flexibility to response on issues creatively.


Numerous employees don’t have the chance to have some good times at their work and may stressing too much. though, by consolidating gaming ideas, employees can take advantage of their lively nature and influence the work to feel less like work and interesting. Giving your agents a chance to contrast themselves and their colleagues would give a touch of data. Competition with associates is thought to be a natural motivation for call center agents and able to boost their activity and productivity. Having a sound competition would give the agents a level of playing field, remunerating the individuals who do well and bolster the individuals who may require it.

Effective Ways To Fill Up Idle Time

Many researchers have proven that many call center agents are idle to an average of 5 hours per agent each week. However, there are many recommended ways to effectively fill up this time, such as off-phone activities, coaching and training to expand profitability. Off-phone activities may include having the agent to invest more energy in post-call information passage, investigating new product data and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Coaching and training are basic for building call center productivity after some time. Once your agents have taken in the nuts and bolts, it can be anything but difficult to give their abilities a chance to stagnate as you proceed onward to the following recruitment class. Try to use a workforce improvement framework that contains a learning library and the capacity to transfer coaching structures and track feedback after some time. All agents need to know how they’re performing, and proceeding with a devoted training and coaching system will raise the general efficiency and productivity of your contact center.


Enable Remote Work

Increasing work flexibility such as like allowing agents to work from home actually increases productivity. Current research shows that employees work better when they are at their comfortable space like their house. Hence, begin by giving your best agents the capability to telecommute for a day or two every week. Remunerating your agents with the capacity to work remotely expands the profitability of your remote workers, and it likewise motivates the agents in your physical contact center to raise their own efficiency with the expectations of having the capacity to telecommute too. When they are permitted to telecommute, they should keep up that level of productivity with a specific end goal to keep on doing so. A cloud-based system could make it simple to execute without influencing the operations of the call center or how clients are being overseen, and you could in any case keep a record just as they were in office.

Supply Real Time Metrics To Agents

agents that approach real time information, for example, number of callers in line, holding up times in the line, the status of different agents, normal surrender time, and many more, are observed to be significantly more profitable. Giving agents, this sort of data enables them to adjust in like manner and settle on more educated choices on the fly. In particular, it makes it feasible for them to keep terrible circumstances from either happening or raising by taking remedial action. Businesses ought to organize a few measurements to screen, analyze and adjust. Various metrics are included with a call center’s operational magnificence. On the subjective side are customer satisfaction reports. and on the quantitative side are first call resolution (FCR) rates, average speed to answer (ASA), auxiliary time, adherence to schedule and more.


Cloud Contact Center

As business demand increases, Customer support functions only gets extra headcount once a while to keep lockstep with the development, while client desires keep on rising. This leaves many contact centers to accomplish more with less, and attempting to get it with current customers experience desires. Without a doubt contact center manager need to stay aware of rivalry and customer demands. The best approach to do this is with investment in contact center software solutions.

As the worldwide cloud market keeps on developing at a relentless pace, cloud contact center solutions similarly remain a strong tool for conveying delight customer experiences. Cloud-based contact center focuses from calls to online channels, in sake of the organization by giving elite data and help to customers who profit a real organization product and service. A Cloud-based contact center is made from both physical and virtual assets which incorporates computer-telephony integration and customer service representatives. Organizations are moving contact centers to the cloud to pick up adaptability, efficiency, and security. Moreover, being cost-effective, cloud contact center models enable clients to be responsible for their systems and give new chances for better client experiences.

Here are 5 Main Benefits of moving your contact center to cloud:

Deployment is Quick and Easy as ABC

Cloud-based contact center are quicker and simply to deploy compare to the on-premise systems that can take a very long time to set up. Cloud-based contact center solutions regularly offer distinctive packages relying upon the intricacy of the task, considering organizations to start off more rapidly than with an on-premise contact center. Cloud-based contact centers does not require broad agent training. Program based software can be designed in a couple of clicks.

Easy Deployment


Increase Scalability and Flexibility

It’s so much easier to add agent’s licenses to your contact center in the cloud than on-premise. New licenses can be included instantly and your agent pool can be scaled up down as business develops or for occasional changes. Shorter contract lengths permit contact center client’s briefer tie-in periods. Contact centers need a client service alternative that gives imaginative solutions, offers great help, and guarantees reliability. Through the cloud, organizations have greater adaptability in changing to contact centers merchants that can best meet these necessities.

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Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Utilizing a cloud-based system decreases the cost and making it simpler to give customer solutions. Picking a cloud-based contact center will free you from this weight as your partner won’t just keep your equipment on the highest point of-the-line, however will likewise deal with your business, and these are met just by paying a month to month membership. It additionally has a lower upfront cost. A cloud contact center lessens your upfront expenses by up to 70%. You can even begin in a little office as long as you have the hardware and programming set up which gives you access to all the cloud contact center features in a low cost.

Cloud Security

Enhanced Security

Noticeable cloud suppliers has put resources into reinforcement foundation to guarantee the most elevated amount of security and up-time for clients. Cloud-based contact center suppliers have contributed a lot of assets to enhance their security systems, frequently with elaborate security conventions and best practices that on-premise contact centers may not have. cloud solutions normally offer more grounded disaster recovery functions than on-premise solutions. At the point when blackouts happen because of catastrophic events or other problematic occasions, cloud solutions empower persistent operational functionality, like, enabling agents to interface with clients through cell phones when network is compromised during troublesome occasions.

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Cloud Accessibility


While the cost of outsourcing is decreased, another favorable position related with cloud programming is that it is promptly available and accessible by all employees, no matter even in different locations. They can be in an office, working from home, utilizing satellite associations or even operating on road from their cell phones. It gives consistent access to both the employers and employees. With a virtual contact center, employers can screen their remote agents continuously, making it simpler to guarantee clients are getting the most noteworthy quality service. Many cloud-based contact center highlights even allow employers to screen and record agents discussions progressively in real-time.


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Are your clients disappointed by the absence of continuity between interactions as they move from channel to channel?

Collab’s Customer Interaction Hub (CIH) is a multichannel contact management system, which allows to create and maintain a clear view of the profile and history for every client. The Customer Interaction Hub platform runs inside OneAgent and automatically records all contacts, whether Inbound or Outbound, continuously maintaining the contact’s history and context.

This process is fundamental to Enterprise Excellency, where we wish to maintain a unique view for each customer, regardless of the channel that is used or time interval between interactions. The purpose of CIH is to allow the agent to resume a conversation with a client while having access to the total context of previous interactions, whether they happened by voice, video, email, chat, social networks, or other channels.


Front Office

The system allows the day-to-day management of all contacts, including the need for rescheduling of contact attempts for a given date/time, which will be run automatically. It is organized in four main areas:

  • The customer’s file
  • The history of pending issues (unresolved)
  • The list of previous interactions (multi-channel)
  • Actions taken

The goal is to provide, in a single home screen, all relevant information about the client who is being contacted. When the dialogue starts, the agent can then create new issues, interactions, trigger new actions, make satisfaction surveys, etc. Each interaction is accompanied in CIH by two tabs, the first with the profile/ history of the client, and the other with the interaction itself, either a chat, a Facebook post, or the reception/reply to an email.

Back Office

The system contains a powerful administrative back office, with possible configuration of all operations and entities, such as;

  • Problem management
  • Type of subject
  • Service management
  • URL management for integration with the organization’s internal systems (web-services)
  • Actions management
  • User managements
  • Rules management
  • Password management.



An integral part of the Customer Interaction Hub is the reporting ability that complements OneSupervisor’s views, with two essential reports:

  • List of Inbound/Outbound interactions (voice, e-mail, chat, social networks, etc.).
  • Listing of cases/sessions assigned to agents.

Integration with corporate CRM tools

From the architectural point of view, the system also allows the native integration with the organization’s CRM, if it already exists or if it should be acquired, at a later stage.

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Gamification is a tool to design behaviors, develop skills, enable innovation. Combined with other technologies and trends, gamification can cause major discontinuities in innovation, employee performance management, education, personal development and customer engagement. It includes:

  • Structuring an ad-hoc world
  • Managing the agent lifecycle
  • Integrating technologies in a perfectly optimized workforce ecosystem




  • Gamification motivate workers to complete tasks by making them more fun and appealing.
  • Challenges will create competition, hence, increasing workers performance.
  • Teamwork will often become the main tool to reach goals.
  •  It can also be used as a Learning Tool for trainees to follow and learn about their tasks.


With the Gamification Engine of Suite 2.5, we are creating a platform that can be connected to OneWorkForce, OneContact or any other 3rd party software. By doing this, your current Key Performance Indicators can be used to create Quests, Challenges and Achievements that will become available to your agents.

Further information on GAMIFICATION: LEARN MORE



Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

There are many CRM Solutions for your business that can be used but choosing the RIGHT one can be a challenge. The right way to choose is by analyzing your organization’s needs. What, particularly, does your business require your CRM for? Although, each of different CRM solutions will carry out the same jobs, each of them emphasizes different aspects of the CRM process.


Organisations and businesses of all sizes have realized the importance of forging and nurturing long-lasting relationships with their customers. Microtel CRM solutions helps to manage and track customer lifecycle management whether in customer acquisition or customer retention. Providing functionality to enterprises in sales, marketing and customer service through collaborative, operational and analytical components.

Microtel CRM simplifies agent-customer interaction and helps businesses increase productivity through increased cross-selling, service customization and customer retention. There are many benefits and functionality by using this CRM Solution by Microtel Technology:

Inbound Process:

  • Customer Support CRM
  • Help Desk CRM
  • Case Management System

Outbound Process:

  • Sales and Marketing CRM
  • Collections CRM

CRM Inbound Management

  • Customer Service Management
  • Contact Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Operational Level Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Management Reporting

CRM Announcer

  • Email Management

CRM Assignment

  • Concurrent Assignment
  • Sequential Assignment

CRM Assist

  • FAQ Management
  • Scripting Management
  • Guided Script
  • Fulfillment Management

CRM Alert

  • Notification Management
  • Escalation Management

CRM Integration Kit

Selecting the right CRM Solution may not be easy, but the results of starting with the right solution makes the effort worth it. Microtel CRM facilitates anticipation and responsiveness of the customer requirements accurately. It provides comprehensive features for data collection and communication interactions. Make the right decision by choosing the CRM solution by Microtel Technology.

For further information on our CRM Solution, visit CRM Solutions.

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