Meet all your Business Requirements with Innovative and Customizable Communication Applications

Different enterprises have different communication requirements based on the nature of their business, scale of operation, network of branches and underlying telephony technology. They require a communication solution that is always in sync with their business requirements.


Ameyo’s highly flexible architecture understands the specific requirements of an organization and accordingly customize the solution to suit their needs. It allows smooth integration with third-party applications and accommodates changes as per the requirements of different clients, and effectively deal with all associated risks, thereby deriving maximum productivity and efficiency .


Our customizations include:

IVR Customization

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response System, automates inbound calls by enabling self-service and reducing the average call processing time. An innovative customer interaction IT which allows self-service with IVR, is significant as it enables access to a lot of information in seconds—without the aid of an agent. This facilitates better resource utilization for call centers and reduced wait time for customers. Enterprises can pass on the cost savings to their customers in terms of better services and tariffs, only when they have a robust IT infrastructure that allows for scalability and extensibility.


Ameyo caters to the needs of all sort of business processes by creating or customizing IVR call flows that match their requirements. For example, in case of a customer query for account balance, the call can be first directed as per the language chosen, then with the pre-integrated database, the account details can be fetched and the result is announced to the caller via TTS (text to speech).


A complex IVR-flow (as in case of order management) can also be created. The whole process of placing an order by the caller, and checking the status with the help of the order number can be automated with the customized IVR flow. During wait time or hold time, messages about other products and promotional offers can also be played allowing you to capitalize on cross-selling and upselling opportunities. For example a customer may ask for a “Meal for two” instead of two individual pizzas after listening to the offer while he was waiting in the queue.



Reports Customization

Reporting is an integral component of a customer interaction management system to track and monitor data (in real time and historical), define process efficiency metrics, and review organizational performance at every level. It is the presentation of data textually (with simple text or tables) or graphically (graphs, charts, diagrams, flows), collected from various sources, especially customers.
In order to gauge performance across different business entities, enterprises require business specific reports and analytics. Within the organization, the executives are interested in  business analytics pertaining to their role, the middle management examines the day to day activities, while the top management scrutinizes macro performance of all different departments and units. Thus, different reports need to be customized as per the business processes and workforce distribution of an enterprise.

Ameyo allows you to generate over 200 different kinds of statistical reports, individual reports, campaign reports, call reports and system reports apart from standard reports such as Agent Productivity Report, Lead Penetration Report, Call History, Call Details. Such comprehensive report structure would give managers and analysts a deep insight in to the performance of your agents, inbound, outbound or blended campaigns, and other performance parameters.


Some examples of such customized reports are Agent-wise Call Detail Report, Pending Callback report, Missed Call detail Report, Disposition reports or Franchisee Detail Data.


CRM Customization

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a must-have for maintaining multiple client relationships with ease and efficiency, while acquiring new leads. CRMs enable agents who deal with client interaction or lead generation (telemarketing, collections, customer support, helpdesk, etc.) to access information from an information repository (database), update, or just modify it using some form of text- or GUI-based interface.


Ameyo’s CRM is an easy-to-use interface to manage interactions and customer information effectively. It is easily customizable as per different business processes such as customer support, telemarketing and sales, market research, collections, directory services and financial advisory.