AI For Customer Service


Chatbots have transformed the customer service space. 2018 stands to bring more chatbot innovation. Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t only for big Enterprises anymore, even small businesses can use AI innovation to enhance their business processes, interact with their clients on a more profound level and eventually, increase their sales.

By changing customer service communications, AI-powered digital solutions are ready to enhance each part of your business including:

  • Online customer experience
  • Brand reputation
  • faithfulness
  • Preventive support
  • and revenue streams

AI for customer service’s intelligence will help anticipate specific customer needs learning from their contexts, previous chat history and preferences

AI integrated system will capture endless online data in order to:

  • Recognize customer problems
  • Develop and study from gathered data
  • Describe customer behavior pattern
  • Determine their everyday decisions and preferences
  • Be quick with proactive alert replies
  • Propose customized offers and discounts
  • Provide real-time support (FAQs, help blogs, reports)
  • Resolve problem before they reach
  • Lessen customer abandonment rate and complaints


Here are a couple of main reasons how AI-powered customer service can possibly help customer support agents:

One-time Venture For Enduring Benefits

Automating replies through AI-bots platforms can limit cost and time. AI-Bots are pre-automated intelligent system loaded down with domain-specific knowledge base. All it needs is to be set, just once. After presenting new process changes, just re-configure the software as opposed to retraining your whole care staff.

Such AI assisted platforms take control over a similar routine customer demands, empowering contact center representatives to take a shot at more critical and important jobs that needs to be done.

Multi Channel

Multi Channels Support

AI innovation is worth more than to just give direct assistance to customers, it can also likewise be utilized to usher customer service path. Now and again when issues get complex, an intelligent support system will have a specific ability to coordinate customers towards parallel support channels.

While customer get effective solutions, agents satisfy their service responsibilities and release stacked support channels from the hectic rush.

Continuous Drive of Service

One of the amazing advantage from utilizing AI for automating replies is its freedom from time limitations and Holiday leaves. This implies at any given minute customers will have the capacity to communicate with AI robot to resolve issues. Such continuous customer service enables companies to remain responsive 24/7 to address approaching customer request.

The Outcomes Are:

  • No Hold Up Times
  • Quick Resolution
  • Quick Escalation
  • click here arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 15px;">Optimized Customer Satisfaction
  • High-Level Service Solutions
  • Enhanced Commitment Level
  • Improved Brand Reputation

Chatbot and Human

Will AI-bots replace human jobs?

Would you trust a front-end bot to solve your problems? In case you’re similar to the majority of customers, the response is no. Front-end chatbot innovation is primitive and helpful for simple, pre-defined forms.

At times, human occupations might have the capacity to be replaced by a chatbot. Customer Service Agents are one part that might be refocused. Regardless, the revolution will require human assistance to better ‘modify’ how chatbots connect with people, and correct bias.

Here’s a glance that shows how customer support agents and Artificial Intelligence will work in pair to improve the customer experience in the near future:

More Cooperative Self-Service Support

To begin with, support will turn out to be more proactive. At the point when help is required, cleverer search tools, chatbots, and knowledge management applications will guide customers to content that accurately solves their inquiry 80% of the time.

Innovation will put more significant data readily available. Yet, there will keep on being questions that need the critical thinking skills and compassion that just a human agent can have.

Human Communication from the phone will reduce massively

Mostly from any platform, 40% of all customer service communication happen on the telephone with a customer support agent. Though, by 2022, this will reduce to only 12%.

Opportunity will emerge for these agents as other support channels like, chat and social, screen sharing and video chatting will develop to be more well known. Not only will agents be expected to assist customer in these new platforms, human brain ability and exertion will be expected to on-board these new innovations within companies, advance best practices, and prepare employees.

Agent-assisted self-service becomes a “Standard requirement”

Self-service support gets cleverer and agents are accessible to support customers over more channelsA customer could begin their journey with self-service solution, then complete their interaction with a human, or the other way around. For instance, a customer may ask a chatbot an inquiry, the chatbot would limit that inquiry down to a single subject area, then an agent that has some expertise in that subject area is able to take over. Discussions will be moving seamlessly starting with one channel to the next.

Agents upheld by intelligent programming will have a choice of approaches to customize the customer experience of tomorrow and serve customer more quickly, precisely, and emphatically like never before.

To sum up, AI-powered customer service chatbots can assist customer support agents to optimize customer experience and enhance interaction between agents and customers by creating a seamless flow of conversation. Now you too can enhance your customer service interaction, Contact us at to find out how!