Full and Omnichannel Management of Contact Centers

OneContact CC

OneContact CC allows an integrated management of multiple channels: Voice (GSM, SIP or other PSTN calls), Video (3G, SIP), IM (IP), e-Mail, Fax, Social Media, Skype and Skype for Business. Agents can handle simultaneously several interactions (multisession) in a single interface and provide a contextualized experience in any touch point. This way, it is possible to improve contact center productivity and customer satisfaction.

The Interactive Voice Response system - IVR (Voice or Visual) is a powerful self-service tool, available 24/7, that helps to filter interactions, redirect communication and reduce waiting queues. Use Microsoft Visio IVR plugin to easily change or add more options without having to stop or suspend the contact center activity. Also it includes IVR options based on DTMF.

Collab IVR ensures a quick and effective service support that answers to customer expectations. It can be used to perform surveys, studies, competitions, notifications (outbound), among others, allowing data collecting and results analysis, in real time.

In order to provide the best customer experience and optimize agent´s operations in the call center, Collab has evolved its intelligent call distribution system, based on skills or in other operation criteria. So, it is possible to associate customers and agents with similar profiles (age, nationality, language…), deliver an interaction to the last agent who communicated with client or to the co-worker who is away for the longest time.

Contact Centers execute millions of outbound calls and are always seeking to maximize agent´s performance. Collab refined its own predictive outbound algorithm, which automatically dials contacts and delivers only valid calls (answered). The system cyclically evaluates the number of interactions it has to initiate or abandon, in order to adjust the performance in real time. This assessment is based on previous statistics that in real conditions, guarantees the maximum effectiveness. In OneContact CC 2.5 the average waiting time between outbound calls can reach 3.6 seconds. This result is the industry benchmark ensuring high performance levels and detailed control of the nuisance ratio.

Through OneContact CC all the communication via Facebook and Twitter is managed under the same omnichannel guidelines used for the other channels. Customers can contact the company through social networks and the agent immediately receives the interaction on the console. This way, you can quickly respond to all contacts, using if necessary attachments, such as images or links. The control and analysis can be performed in real time and the log message is saved in the system.

Through the integration of Skype for Business it is possible to extend the contact center to your organization, transferring the interaction to a second support line. So, you can provide a personalized care, improve service quality and reduce the volume of calls in the call center. OneContact CC detects the availability of the account manager (Ready or only available for different scenarios: VIP customers, branches, contact center support...) in the organization Skype for Business, and if the agent is available he can transfer the call or perform a conference. If the account manager does not answer, it is automatically placed as unavailable and the interaction goes to the organization or to the contact center, according to the predefined routing rules.

The call center can use the video channel to demonstrate new products or services, personalize communication with clients, build customer loyalty, increase the communication effectiveness, decrease response time, and reduce operation costs, among others. There are two ways a customer can get in touch with the call center: by using a web browser or a mobile application available for smartphones, tablets and kiosks. The entire video calling feature inherits the fundamental principles of Collab in terms of intelligent interaction routing, quality monitoring and is an integral part of the OneContact CC suite.

OneAgent is the agent web application (available through WebRTC tecnology). It offers a multi-channel and multisession interface fully unified, which maximizes the service quality and the agents’ performance. It has interaction controls (answer, hold, conference, recording, etc.), sidebars with statistical information, excellent audio quality, notification mechanisms and chat with supervisors. With this tool, agents can be located anywhere in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection and a browser, without any extra software.

ClickToInteract helps breaking the communication barriers between the brand and the consumer, allowing him to interact with the contact center, through voice, video and chat. In a company website the customer picks the desired media interface, provides the reason for the contact and clicks a submit button. In seconds, the contact center agent gets in contact with the client and takes immediately care of the subject. With this feature several indicators can be improved such as: customer satisfaction (net promoter score), first-call resolution, service level, speed of answer, among others, regarding agent´s productivity. With OneContact CC it is not required to have different applications for the same purpose. ClickToInteract gives your customers a multimedia support, in a single solution, with an omnichannel philosophy.

OneContact CC has a flexible and productive work environment: the agent can pick up interactions, based on relevance, importance or related with the current work. Agents can also shelve interactions, including e-mails, for later processing. The agent can shelve the interaction on a public or private shelf, with comments and date of notice.

This application allows you to set up all the contact centers. This area is strictly for administrators or support teams only. Here you can create a tenant or multi-tenant to host different call centers and configure your network settings, in case you have distributed or clustered OneContact CC components. Other settings such as storage, alarms, codecs for audio and video, etc. are also available. OneAdmin works as a “power switch” for the whole OneContact CC solution, you can boot or shutdown the system and validate the components.

OneSupervisor works as a monitoring and configuration tool for the contact center with its own advanced business intelligence reporting system. The supervisor can create agents, teams, services, define business rules, access reports and statistic data. It can be graphically analysed the whole operation, set the floor plan using alarms and created customized views, with the important business indicators. The voice and screen recordings are also available to check the agents’ performance. With OneSupervisor mobile you can monitor from anywhere all the contact center activity, schedule alarms, view reports and take informed decisions that will allow to run normally the operation.

The agent application (OneAgent) has the capability to record voice and screen for later quality monitoring. The supervisor can define a certain % of voice and screen recording, either for full auditing or just sampling for a quicker review. The recordings are integrated in OneSupervisor and can be searched and listened based on different criteria.

With OneQualityMonitoring it is possible to save voice and screen recordings, then analyse agents’ performance (individually or in teams), identify the best and worst co-workers, select those who need training, display an e-learning course and evaluate them impartially. After the end result the skills adjustments can be made in real-time. It includes also a form designer, recording calibration, reports and speech analytics.

This eLearning module can display an interactive and tailored made course (during or after work). The skills are updated according to assessment made and the result is sent to the supervisor, who can also forward to agents the report and other relevant information.

The reporting database includes consolidated information about interactions, services, agents and teams. Each instance have a separate reporting database and several built-in reports, such as agent summary, service annual, service intraday, service monthly, team performance, among others. OneContact CC 2.5 has improved data management capabilities: multimedia interaction history, real time reports (OLAP cubes) with consolidated business data and direct Microsoft Excel integration.

In order to evaluate the contact center performance in real time, Collab offers Wallboards. This way the statistic information is immediately available to all the team on big flat screens. The data can be selected from various Supervisor tables which include:

• The inbound and outbound with service level, handled calls, average queue, abandoned calls, average talking time, etc.;
• The agents view with agents’ state, call time, not ready time, call count, average wrap up time, etc.;
• The team view, with the same data as the agent but grouped together;
• Overview with general information containing the main KPIs of the above mentioned;
• Customized view with several KPIs according to your business.

Floor plans can be created allowing to observate where the agents and softphone computers are located. The supervisor is then able to view which machines are connected to OneContact CC and at the same time identify the logged agents on each seat and if they are ready or not.

Customer Interaction Hub (CIH) is a multichannel contact management system, which allows to create and maintain a clear view of the profile and interaction history for every client. It runs inside OneAgent and automatically records all contacts, whether inbound or outbound, continuously maintaining the contact´s journey and context.

Employee engagement is a challenge in all companies and specifically in call centers, where high KPI variations are observed depending on staff motivation. With Gamification engine, it is possible to boost agent motivation, improve performance and skills without lowering the service level - all within a gamified and fun environment.

Clients can now interact with your contact center through a mobile app and use voice, video, chat and visual IVR to communicate. This app can be customized to have your brand and is available for download in the main app stores.

Collab has teamed up with Jacada and offers now a new agent scripting tool powered by Jacada. Our partners and clients can use this solution which allows them to easily create and manage call center scripts; apply business rules and workflows; gain more powerful auditing, reporting and flexible deployment. Jacada Agent Scripting technology provides additional benefits such as integration with back-end systems and compliance enforcement, contributing to a lower OPEX.

SugarCRM is an innovative customer relationship management system that monitors the journey and interactions of each client. When combined with OneContact CC contact center agents use a multi-channel desktop, which provides the relevant information in a single interface, without the need to change applications. Teams have immediately a deep knowledge of every client, personalized data and business insights. With these capabilities organizations can improve the agent´s performance and call center efficiency, while delivering an engaging customer experience.

Collab developed a self-service tool based on the Facebook Messenger for Business and integrated it with OneContact CC and SugarCRM. This way companies can communicate with their customers live via bot messenger, visualize the client profile and the entire interaction history. The process can iterate in multiple touchpoints, such as email and facebook.

In case you have an existing CRM application running in your business and want to integrate it with the OneContact CC in order to recover or add data, Collab provides some pre-defined connector tools to enable this integration:

• Siebel
• Salesforce
• Microsoft Dynamics
• Zendesk
• Sage Live
• SugarCRM